Zero Carbon Sulphate of PotashTM

Colluli can become the world’s first zero carbon producer of SOP. We are determined to embrace renewable energy and run our business in a way that delivers positive environmental impacts for Eritrea and the world. Our initial goal is to create a responsible, environmentally friendly, zero carbon, premium fertilizer business that clearly links Colluli SOP with the production of nutritious crops, bolsters global food and nutrition security, and improves millions of lives.

Climate Smart Agriculture

Towards 2050, rising population and incomes are expected to call for 70 percent more food production globally and up to 100 percent more in developing countries, relative to 2009 levels. The most considerable contribution to increasing the agricultural output will most likely imply production intensification on existing agricultural land. That will require the widespread adoption of sustainable land management practices, including climate-smart, chloride-free fertilisers such as SOP.

Positive Social Impact

The Colluli will be in full compliance with the Equator Principles and the IFC standards for Environmental and Social Performance, including international best practices on human rights, verified by independent experts. Colluli has also been recognized in a favourable report from the United Nations Development Program that this development could meet an unprecedented 13 out of a possible 17 of its sustainable development goals. Colluli also aims to become the zero-carbon SOP producer to give superior returns and have superior social and environmental impacts.

“Colluli can produce more SOP - cheaper,
easier, and greener - than anyone else can possibly hope to”

Danakali Limited Executive Chairman, Seamus Cornelius